Monday, 30 January 2017



So I might as well be honest: having spent a year (or seven) being creatively frustrated and underachieving I feel the need to DO SOMETHING that would be an outlet for that. 'Life the Holly Way' is actually my sister's idea and is her way of  saying how stubborn and uncompromising I am. Perhaps it's  a way of turning a flaw into something useful and potentially positive. You know how in 'Julie and Julia' (if you haven't seen it, do) how writing a blog changes Julie's life for the better and gives her purpose? Yeah, like that.
I'm going to do at least one creative thing per week and I'm going to put it here. I will know that I've done it and you (possibly just googlers of the phrase 'artistic breakdown') will know that I've done it. It may be a print, a drawing, a bit of interior design or it may be a recipe or particularly pretty meal. Groundbreaking stuff like that.
And that's enough for now.

The print above is a linocut carved from Japanese Vinyl a few months ago and I have finally printed it. Cutting out letters backwards is a little trickier than I had hoped. I call it an anti-mantra. I may make more.


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  1. A superb idea (I always have the best...) This is beautiful Holly. I await the next post excitedly. SUPER FAN ALERT...


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