Saturday, 29 April 2017

Chichester Art Trail

Today is the first day of the Chichester Art Trail. The Handprinted studio has had a thorough scrubbing and has been transformed into a gallery space. The last few weeks have gone by in an inky haze and culminated in a frantic framing and hanging session late into last night.

Do you know how amazing peg board is? I know I'm late to jump on the band waggon but this week we put peg board up on the walls of the studio and it looks fantastic and made hanging our work so easy. It has meant that we have also been able to be a bit more playful in the positions of the work as no hooks need to be bagged in and everything can be moved as we wish. It's meant we've been able to create displays like this...

...without having to line up numerous hooks and make holes in the wall. I'm going to fill my whole house with peg board and then I can change the decor once a week and I'll never be bored of my surroundings again.

The two of us have been able to get together a large show of screen prints, linocuts, woodcuts, etchings, batiks and dyed homewares. We've been coming in to the studio early every day before opening up the shop and leaving late. Our weekends have been spent here too and wee spent more time with each other than our families. But the show looks good. It looks better than I thought it could given that I was cry-buying frames on the internet on Monday.

If you live in the local area please give us a visit. We've worked hard and I promise that we are good at what we make. We will chat to you the perfect amount, just enough to be welcoming but not so much that you feel uncomfortable and have to make up an excuse if don't want to buy something. We will probably be sat eating scones. 

It's also a great opportunity to have a look around the studio and see what else we get up to in our workshops. The exhibition is open at Handprinted in Bognor Regis this weekend, Monday, and next weekend from ten thirty until five thirty.


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