Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Making Work Just for You - Life after Uni

When you're studying art university everything you make will be discussed, analysed and will need to be justified and explained. It helps us to consider everything we put into the art world and think carefully about each design decision we make. Although a valuable skill in the art world, in my experience it can build a lot of pressure. It's very easy, especially after one has left university, to stop making if you don't feel like you have the time, energy or dedication to make valuable work. This is something that I struggle with from time to time and I'm guilty of either taking myself too seriously or dismissing my ideas as trivial and not worthwhile.

Lately I've been a lot happier just making without worrying about the end result. There's something calming about sitting in front of the TV carving a piece of vinyl just for fun. That's how my new Anti-Mantra series has come about. They're about giving myself permission to make work any way I like and about encouraging others to do the same. This latest piece 'always remember to reverse your lettering' was made simply because the idea made me laugh (those of you who are familiar with linocut will know that letting that has not been reversed before it is carved will print backwards - we've all done it). I'll post the final print of this print soon and it will be sold in my etsy shop. I may need to exhibit it alongside a mirror in order for viewers to get my joke... Also, for anyone who relates to the above picture, my typographical design 'Just make something' will soon feature on tote bags and signs.

What have you made just for its own sake? Are there any other art graduates who struggle with letting go of the deep analytical nature of university studio life?

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