Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Spring is Here Natural Foot Soak

It feels like it's been a very long Winter. I can barely remember what it feels like to put on jeans without first putting on tights, my scarf has become a way of life and my feet haven't seen daylight since September 2016. Now that Spring is definitely here - we've already seen daffodils come and go AND I've switched from heavy down-filled coat to denim jacket no less - it's time to do something about those feet. A Winter of long walks, Doc Martens and double-layer-socks has meant that there really has not been any point in pampering. But the bluebells are out and soon it will be time to walk barefoot along the beach. Cue 'Spring is Here Natural Foot Soak':

The Women In My Family designed this foot soak to be used in front of good TV (Poldark, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife etc.) preferably with an open fire and an open bag of chocolate buttons. You'll need one large bowl for each partaker - beautiful old wash bowls found at a car boot for £2 earn you 10 points, mop buckets earn you only 1 point but work just as well I suppose. 
You'll also need:
Large sprigs of mint, rosemary or lavender
Essential Oil such as tea-tree or lavender 

Into each bowl toss a few sprigs of the herb of your choice. My garden is full of rosemary, Mum's is full of mint. Divide the buttermilk up between the bowls - about 1/4 of a small carton is plenty so the rest can go into the fridge for another time. Sprinkle a dozen or so drops of essential oil into the bowl. Choose tea-tree for its antiseptic properties of lavender to calm and relax your mind.

Pour in hot water from the tap and swirl everything together.
Mini versions can also be made for soaking hands in - pudding basins are the perfect size. If you;re feeling extra idyllic, keep a freshly boiled steam kettle on the hearth for top ups that will keep your bowl hot through a two whole episodes of Game of Thrones.

When your feet have gone pruney and your bowl is getting tepid, lift out your feet onto a towel and pamper. If it's been a really long winter, grab the pumice and buff away the evidence of cold pavements and walking boots. Use moisturiser, cuticle cream and a lick of the sexiest nail polish you possess and then wiggle your toes as you admire your new Spring feet.



  1. This looks and sounds amazing. I'm sad I don't have any pretty bowls in which to re-enact it :( Can I come to yours instead?!

    1. Haha of course! For emergencies a bucket is almost as good but not as instagramable!

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