Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Cookbook Obsession

Sometimes I get stuck in a bit of a cooking rut. I love to cook but seem to make the same few recipes every week with a few slight variations. Most things seems to be follow a carb-with-tomato formula (perfect every time though right?) so when I don't have a tin of tomatoes in my cupboard I tend to go blank.

Luckily, I also have a bit of a cookbook obsession. It seems to run in the family: if you combined both my Grandma's and Mum's cookbook collection you could fill a public library. There's something about the promise of a new lifestyle, whether it be virtuous and energy-filled or comforting and earthy. I don't even have to cook from them, reading through them is enough to get a fix. When at my Mum's house, my sister reads the introduction of a different cookbook every day. She will rarely make anything from them (she finds cooking stressful) but still finds the words and pictures compelling. 

Since getting the whole house to ourselves and being able to dedicate a whole shelf to the cookbooks that were once stored under the bed I have vowed to make a new recipe every week. Before I made my Hipster Baked Beans and Chips this week I leafed through Anna Jones's 'A Modern Way to Cook' just to remind myself about the wonder of cooking. My mouth watered as I flicked from recipe to recipe before entering the kitchen not knowing what I was going to make but knowing I was going to make something good. And I think I did

You can see my cookbook shelf above. It's on one of those metal Ikea Hyllis shelves that's designed to go outside and I have tied string round the ends to stop the books from toppling to the floor as I pile more on top (like this Leon 'Fast Vegetarian' book found at TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago - yum). 

Am I the only one who just has to look at the cover of a cookbook to want to get in the kitchen? I treat them like glossy coffee table books. When my friends visit we pore over them and plan our next dinner parties, taking pictures of the recipes to remember to make them at home. We Whatsapp recipes to each other - we're such enablers. 

Go to my recipe section to find some of the things I end up making when I'm in a dreamy kitcheny mood and have just the contents of my cupboard to work with.



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