Friday, 4 August 2017

Dining Room Reveal

This has been a long time coming and I apologise for the delay but TA DAAH

We finished our dining room. 

When I say finished, what I really mean is that two walls need painting, the skirting needs painting, fresh stuff needs hanging on the wall and we need to find somewhere for the record player but IT'S FINISHED.

In the picture above you can see our New Favourite Thing: our car boot dresser. We got this baby at the local car boot sale for £150 and we nearly bit their arm off. It's got bizarrely wonderful rope handles and is reassuringly heavy and chunky. We got it in this colour and we're keeping it just as it is. I've already started filling it with all the crockery I've been collecting for the last ten years, wine glasses, jelly moulds and a powerful bottle of rum that Tom's parents brought back from the Philippines earlier this year. The drawers are filled with tea towels and candles and at the bottom is a games cupboard. You have no idea how much joy this brings me. 

On the table in these pictures is a completed puzzle that Tom got me for Christmas. It's the first thing I got out when the room was set up. It seemed like the perfect celebration of having a permanent flat surface in the house. Tom and I would sit at the table together, drinking 'Dark and Stormy's putting the pieces together. The second thing we did was have friends over for dinner so we could lay it like Real Grown Ups. I could picture seven year old me creeping down the stairs to pinch a plate of the grown up food and a handful of nibbles. I nearly played Lighthouse Family. 

We got the chairs from a nearby junk shop that is piled to the ceiling with furniture. They were £5 each and I love them. Eventually I will reupholster the seat of the two plain ones. It's on the list.

For those of you who missed how this room used to look, here's a sneak peak below. I think it's an improvement don't you? Find all our house updates here. 



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