Friday, 5 January 2018

Three ways to SHAKE THINGS UP This January

I'm a cliché. I've got that New Year, New Me Feeling.

2017 has been, in the words of David Mitchell on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, 'internationally disastrous' and it's taken its toll. Sometimes it's hard not to get overwhelmed by everything that's going wrong and it can be hard to keep positive. January blues are a THING and it can help to take small steps to keep things interesting. 

Here are my Three Ways to Keep Things Interesting This January:

1. Cut Your Hair
Obvious, clichéd and so basic (does anyone know of a way to get the 'é' without copying and pasting? If not I'm going to have to stop saying cliché in all my writing) but true!
I've always had long hair, since time immemorial. It's been my 'thing' and part of my identity. But I'm 28 now so I think I've established myself as a human without it. And you know what? Long hair gets tangled, you can't wear it down when you want a scarf and it gets in the way of ALL ACTIVITIES. Most days I have my hair up anyway so what's the point in having it long? You'll see from the above picture that it was a mess anyway. My cheesy grimace in the right hand picture shows how happy I am with my new cut (it was also a Christmas Day picture so that may explain some of the glee). It doesn't seem like it was a big deal but it was for me and maybe it could be for you too?

2. Join a Class
I'm going with an obvious theme here today. Two years ago I joined a yoga class as part of a New Year New Me crisis and I've been going weekly ever since. Okay okay so I still can't touch my toes (I have tight hamstrings, what of it?) but I've made new friends, coerced a few lifelong friends to join with me, and I've found a new part of myself that I didn't know was there! It doesn't have to be an exercise class - try an art class, book club or choir. Just add something into your routine, learn a new skill and give some of your time back to yourself.

3. Shake Up Your Home
Does your house look the same as it did last Christmas? Has the dust settled around the same objects in the same place? You know that certain type of person that likes to move furniture all the time? You could be that person! It may seem silly but if you're someone who is very affected by their surroundings, like me, then the simple act of swapping a few things in your house can make a refreshing difference to the way you feel about things. Maybe your bed should face the window so you can see the sky in the morning, maybe your sofa shouldn't point directly at the tv, maybe your living room should be in the dining room and the dining room should be in the living room. Try things out, be flexible. Besides, it's free and lugging furniture around can be great exercise!

What are you doing to shake things up this time of year?


Disclaimer: This advice could be terrible. We're all free-styling on this Earth. 


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