Monday, 22 January 2018

What am I supposed to put on my FACE?

Did anyone else watch Cherry Healey's The Truth About Looking Good? This BBC documentary sought to decode the skincare industry and help us figure out just WHAT ON EARTH to put on our faces.

When it comes to skincare I'm lazy and inconsistent: easily convinced to buy a new product that I will then use a few times and then forget about. I'll moisturise routinely for a week and then not again for two months. I'm a great advocate for natural beauty, believe that the society in which we live is inherently ageist and think it's terrible that our perception of beauty is based on how young a person looks. Now this is the part where I am a hypocrite: I still want to stay looking young. I think that wrinkles should be accepted, even celebrated but I just don't want any! Many of our lives are filled with this inner turmoil. So what do we do?

In her documentary, Cherry Healey concluded that there are two ways in which we can stave off wrinkles, fine lines and ageing skin: Retinol and UVA Protection. 

Retinol - Using a 0.1% retinol solution in our skincare routine is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines. I'm still unclear as to whether this would help stop new fine lines from appearing or if it's just to help with the appearance of existing ones...

UVA - We all know that the sun is bad for our skin. Apart from absorbing the small amount of Vitamin D we need, we should stay out of the sun. As a very very pale strawberry-blonde I can attest to this. We know that we're supposed to use a high SPF and that we should use it all year round (I really don't) EVEN when we're inside all day (I really really don't). But what I didn't know is that it's the UVA protection that's so important when it comes to our skin. A five star UVA protection is best.

Okay, okay, but really, what do I put on my face?

My criteria for skincare is getting harder and harder to fulfil. I used to care about affordability and effectiveness but now my specifications have broadened (as well as my ever ageing skin's needs, apparently)


UVA protection
High SPF
Not to make my skin break out like crazy
Cruelty free
Maybe some of that retinol wonder stuff
I want it to work. 
To be able to afford it
Ecological packaging

This list works out like a venn diagram of chaos and I'm not sure there are any products that fit in the centre of this mess.

I'd love to make my own simple, natural skincare products but don't have the knowledge to make sure they were doing the right thing for my skin. I might give it a try anyway... I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, any advice, recommendations or miracle-solutions would be appreciated!



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