Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Three Ways to be More Productive in the Art Studio

My love for time spent in the print studio grows greater every day. I tend to be able to use the studio in the evenings or at the weekend so my time is limited and precious. I need to use it well. This requires a little preparation. 

1. Music - you'll need a medium-energy playlist that gives just the right atmosphere. Too slow and you'll be too relaxed, too fast and you'll be too pumped to concentrate. This isn't a workout. If you're sharing a studio then bring some headphones. They will signify that you're there to concentrate not to chat (sorry!) and they mean that your music will not dominate and annoy others. If you're alone you can fill the whole studio with music and really sink into it. 

2. Snacks - you need no excuse to leave early or to 'pop out for a bit'. My favourite studio snacks are air-popped popcorn, rice cakes and biscuits. These are things you can grab a handful of if you're peckish. They're dry, clean and safe to leave out and open if you're lucky enough to have the whole studio to yourself. 

3. Fit tasks between tasks - whilst something is drying, do something else - mix your next colour, doodle a new design. Most of my studio time is spent screen printing. Screen printing is a lot about preparation: sketch your design, wash a screen, dry the screen, prepare your screen films, coat the screen, dry it again, expose the screen, wash the screen, dry it AGAIN, mix your colours, tape your screen, ready your paper, register your screen, print print print. There's lots of downtime between all of these tasks and lots of drying time so I try to use it productively. You're probably paying for this studio time and even if you're not, your time is valuable so use it well. 


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