Thursday, 21 June 2018

Car Boot Finds!

There are a thousand things I love about car boot sales. They're an excellent way of stopping stuff going into landfill. A lot of the things that are taken to car boot sales would be thrown away otherwise. It's easy to find some really unique things that no one else will have. And it's CHEAP. I have so many things that I couldn't afford to buy new. Possibly too many clothes. Definitely too many clothes. But a new dress for a pound COME ON you would too. 

Our house has definitely benefitted from a car boot sale or two. Lots of our furniture, kitchenware and lighting has been from Ford car boot sale. Ford is full of house clearances, antique dealers and regular people selling their old stuff. It's the perfect mix. This little bundle above cost me the sum total of £3. The china set was £1 and has 15 pieces. I lose using old china for serving food as well as for plants. I've already served chocolate mousse in these teacups. With raspberries. It was heaven. Th glass nuggets were another £1 and I'm going to use them to stand plants in. The enamel bowl at the back cost me my final £1 and is basically perfect for every other household job ever. Need a centre piece for your table? Enamel bowl with floating candles. Melting chocolate? Bain marie over a pan of water. Repotting house plants? Compost container. Manicure? Hand soak bowl. Do you see now?

What's the best thing you've ever bought from a car boot sale?



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