Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Drawing from Life

It seems amazing how easy it is to get out of practice when it comes to drawing. In my head, if you can draw you can draw. Until you pick up a pencil for the first time in a few months and what appears on the paper isn't what you had in your head.

I've got a few A3 sketchbook out on the dining table and have dusted off my watercolours. I've found that I need to set my intentions and leave the book out or else I'll forget all about it and accidentally binge watch Orange is the New Black instead. Oops.

I'm getting my hand in again by drawing and painting a few things from life at full scale. These purple beans came from my parents' allotment and made a perfect starter project. Drawing in this way is great for my mental health as it helps me to notice the changes in seasons and appreciate the small things. Plus, once you've drawn them you have dinner. Nature + art + food = my perfect world.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Positive Procrastination: Crocheting Plarn

I always have a project or two lined up. Next up is crocheting plarn. Plarn (plastic yarn) can be made from old plastic food bags and used to crochet things like little pot cosies and baskets. This aim has a few prerequisites: that I can make plarn and that I can crochet. I can, at present, do neither. But I'm not the kind of girl to let that kind of thing stop me.

We're currently trying to reduce the amount of landfill waste we produce but quite a lot of our food still comes in plastic bags - wholewheat pasta, brown rice, grains etc. and with no access to a bulk store currently (and a limited budget) I'm not sure how I can reduce this. My solution (for now at least) is to use some of this waste to make something useful! Friends, family: this may be the Christmas of crocheted plastic gifts (sorry).

You can see from the image above that I have Begun To Learn. This was the lovechild of not wanting to pack for my upcoming camping holiday and feeling guilty for not packing for my upcoming camping holiday. I've started to call this Positive Procrastination. This is the project I will pick up when my bedroom is a giant floordrobe, the garden needs weeding, the washing up needs doing or the shower drain needs to be unclogged. I highly recommend one of these projects. Especially when they can be done in front of Netflix. 


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