Friday, 24 February 2017

Places to Visit: Painswick Rococo Garden

It is not difficult to find beautiful places to visit in the Cotswolds and this is certainly no exception. The Rococo Garden in Painswick is just what you need if you've spend too much time in cars, staring at screens or in an office chair. Queue for five minutes in front of a tiny ticket shed, walk past the plants for sale, past a rather unappealing conservatory, turn a corner and then forget that final phone call with the courier company that lost your parcel. Soak in the views of rolling hills dotted with sheep and over to the farmhouse where, let's face it, someone is probably baking bread right this minute. Climb the slopes of snowdrops and find the follies, climb to the top of the pigeon house. I promise you'll feel better. Plus, according to my Fitbit, you'll climb the equivalent of sixty nine flights of stairs whilst you're at it. Pretty good right? 


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