Monday, 8 January 2018

Veganuary Week 1: An Honest Summary

It's Day 8 of Veganuary. I started the month optimistic about the 31 dairy free days ahead and so far I'm happy to report that my optimism has not yet faltered. Here's a little, honest summary of the month so far:

What's gone well:
I have...
  • made my own Vegan Parmesan which was both incredibly easy and incredibly delicious
  • eaten amazing recipes from Aine Carlin,  Deliciously Ella and Minimalist Baker
  • dipped pretty much everything in peanut butter 
  • eaten a LOT of dark chocolate and a box of jelly beans
  • managed to bring lunches in to work to cover a variety of potential cravings
  • been at a make-your-own pizza party and not felt hard done by when going cheeseless

What's been hard:
  • not eating the chocolate covered gingerbread on the table next to me when my dark chocolate was all the way up two flights of stairs
  • making sure I'm prepped for snacks to avoid spending huge money in supermarkets or succumbing to only highly-packaged foods (which I am trying to avoid
  • realising that chilli rice cakes, chilli crisps from Aldi and vegetarian-sausages-and-beans-in-a-tin are not vegan. LAME

Is anyone else taking part in Veganuary? What's going well so far? What are you finding difficult? 



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