Monday, 15 January 2018

You can get FREE water saving stuff!

Did you know that you can get free water-saving devices in the UK? A couple of weeks ago I had a pang of ecological guilt and began researching the changes we could make in our home. I ordered a compost bin (which currently sits in the centre of the garden as it's been too dark and cold to install it properly since it arrived last week) and signed up for some free eco stuff!

Through I found out that UK residents are untitled to free devices to help us save water in our homes. All you do is input your postcode and the site will show you what free stuff is available in your area. You can choose from a selection of gadgets and they'll post them for free straight to your door.

Here's what I ordered:

  • 'save-a-flush' toilet cistern bag - it swells up to reduce the amount of water used in each flush
  • Shower regulator which reduces your shower to 8 litres per minute. I installed it easily by screwing it into the connection of our shower hose and you really can't notice it's there
  • 4 minute shower timer - this sticks to your shower wall to help you keep your showers to a sensible time. Okay I haven't managed a 4 minute shower YET but last time I flipped the timer again and it only ran for about another minute so I'm getting better... if I didn't bother shaving my legs a four minute shower would be EASY
  • Bubblestream aerator for our kitchen tap - this should reduce the amount of water coming from the tap and has a handy swivel system so you can direct the water flow BUT I haven't figured out how to install it yet and I'm not entirely sure that it will fit on our kind of tap so the jury's out on that one at least for now
There were lots of options available to choose from and I could have had even more free stuff but it would have felt a little wasteful to get more things just because they're free - I mean I didn't NEED that 2 Minute Tiger Toothy Timer...

It seems like different things are available depending on your local water authority so punch in your postcode and find out what you can get! You can help save water and get the thrill of a parcel in the post for free!

Let me know in the comments what you can get and if any of the free items work for you
(the comment section should be working properly now to allow comments without logging in)! Also if anyone could tell me how to install the bubblestream to our tap that would be great...


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