Friday, 2 February 2018

Eco Quest: Composting

Did you know that in the UK you can get a compost bin for £18? Local councils are subsidising the cost of compost bins in a bid to encourage more people to compost at home. We're lucky to have a small front garden with enough space for a compost bin. I ordered one a few weeks ago and it arrived about a week later.

It then sat in the middle of the garden for two weeks. That's the thing about winter - you leave home in the morning in the dark to go to work and you come home in the dark. No gardening on weekdays then. The weekend rolls around and inevitably you're away doing something fabulous or it rains. Or both. So no gardening. 

Until last weekend. Don't get me wrong, it poured with rain all day. We just did it anyway. We donned our raincoats, our hats and our boots and proceeded to clear a space in a back border, moving the poor hellebores into another patch of mud (don't worry, my dad assures me they're hardy). This bin will collect all our garden rubbish that has previously been put into landfill or reluctantly driven to the recycling centre. We've also got a little kitchen bin to collect all the kitchen scraps - it cost £7.99 from Argos. 

Small steps to help the planet and giant leaps to make me feel better about my existence on this earth (there's no harm in being a little bit selfish is there?) 



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