Friday, 16 March 2018

Three Ways to Cheat Becoming a Morning Person

If you're more of a night owl than up with the lark, you'll find mornings as difficult as I do. I prefer to stay up and potter around the house late at night before I go to bed and would rather have a three hour bank meeting discussing my past spending habits as an art student (£57 a week on kinder buenos?!) than get up an hour early to go out for a run. If, like me, you're more often than not panic-jumping out of bed 15 minutes before you absolutely have to leave the house then these tips may be for you too: 

1. Shower Prep - Put your towel on the bathroom radiator and your dressing gown and slippers by bed. When you wake up you can roll out of bed and into your cosies. The bathroom will heat up quickly when the water is turned on. Then quickly into the hot shower and then out into a warm towel. Slippers and dressing gown on again. Also, a note on hair washing - if you know that you should wash your hair in the morning, put your hair in an unrecoverable style the night before. I have a fringe. I know that if I sleep with my fringe pinned back, there is no way of getting a human-looking hairstyle the next day unless I start from scratch and wash it. My fringe will stick up or split to the sides no matter how much I straighten and pin it. I HAVE to wash it. Can you tell I've thought about this a lot? 

2. Freezer smoothies -Night potterers will be happy doing a few useful things before bed and this is a great one. As a disgustingly stereotypical twenty-something plant-based foodie I have a Nutribullet. Before I go to bed I'll shove some frozen fruit, spinach and flaxmeal in a Nutribullet cup, put the lid on and stick it in the freezer. The next morning I'll take it out, add tap water and blitz it. Grab a reusable straw and drink it at my desk. My stomach just can't handle a meal at 7.45am but if I skip breakfast I'll be a banshee by 11. Also these smoothies make me feel a lot more smug than a handful of biscuits and hula-hoops in the car (also, that's my lunch). 

3. Don't just get up on a 'round number' - If you didn't get up at 7.15 then there's no point of getting up until 7.30 right? Missed it? Sleep until 7.40. I did this. STOP IT. 7.23 is a perfectly respectable time to get up. Plus, if you've then brushed your teeth and washed your face by 7.30 you can give yourself a brownie point. 


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